Attempt #1

Attempt #1: Minneapolis, Minnesota, March 2009

How it Started:

Shortly before New Years 2009, it took my first holiday ever out of country to Cuba. It was there that I had been able to reflect on the previous year which had been one of many changes, challenges overcome, and goals met. Virtually everything I set my mind to had come together that year and I was beginning to see that I could manifest anything I put my mind to.

Upon travelling home, I decided to make an early goal for the year ahead.  Maybe not the most traditional, but one that meant something to me.

I turned to my gal pal and said, “THIS YEAR I AM GOING TO SEE SEVENDUST.”

LITERALLY less than 2 minutes later I received a text message from a friend in Minneapolis that read, “Sevendust is playing here with Black Label Society in March, are you in?”


Shut the front door! I was speaking and the Universe was listening.

I had no idea how it was all going to come together. Without thinking of all the ‘How’s’, I replied, “Get us tickets, we are coming!” Now, I’ve had the same gal travel pal for some time and when we put our energy together, we are able to create some amazing adventures. The only way I would go, is if she was going, and she was in.

If fate was on my side and it did work, it would have to be a quick trip.  I had a flight to Vancouver two days after their scheduled performance, as I had to be there for the Juno Awards and in the studio with the band I managed at the time.

In a crazy sequence of events, Lady Luck kissed me right on the forehead with some extra moola and I ran straight to Northwest Airlines to book my flight. It’s really happening! I am really going to see Lajon in the flesh and the flailing arms of Morgan Rose!

Full on Fan Syndrome! Ahhh!!!

A couple months later, my gal pal and I flew to Minneapolis and stayed with some friends.  It was going even better than planned. Or so I thought.

How it Ended:

The night before the concert I started getting an odd headache. The next day it turned into a kind of pain I had never felt before.  It started intensifying in the morning and by mid afternoon it was really bothering me. I put it out of mind and stood in line anxiously. I can’t believe I am actually here. I can’t believe I actually made this happen. Nothing is getting in my way.

Then came the chest pains… they started out slowly… but then started becoming much more painful.

I am usually working on the sidelines at concerts so I’m not really one for being in the middle of a mass of people. But here, I had no choice. I sat in the sound booth for some of the show, but then came 7D and I shoved my way to the front of the crowd.

Now I am at front of the stage… Sevendust had just started their third song. That’s when I stopped paying attention.  The pain in my chest became unbearable. I left the stage area to curl up in a fetal position in a corner of the venue. I hadn’t done anything wild the night before and to my knowledge I was in good health – but in that moment, I was terrified. I thought I was dying. I thought I was having a heart attack!

I missed most of the show that I travelled 1500kms to see.

I knew some of the members from the opening act, and at the end of it I did get to meet Sevendust very briefly.  I didn’t know if I was crying because of the pain, or if it was because I was transformed from business person to a 12 year old fan girl circa 1999 at a BackStreet Boys concert.

All I remember is trying to hold myself together and not show the obvious discomfort I was in. I had almost blacked out twice from the pain.  The remainder of the night was torture.  I can’t even describe what kind of pain it was… the only word that comes to mind is crippling.  I couldn’t laugh, cough, breath, walk, talk, or really do much of anything.  No exaggeration. I spent the night in tears… but every time I let out the slightest noise, the pain would worsen.  We debated finding an emergency room, but we did not take travel insurance for the short trip, so that wasn’t an option. In all my life, that was the worst kind of physical pain I have ever been in.

I flew back to Saskatoon.   It was a challenge walking through the airport… if I took anything larger than baby steps, it would feel like my chest was going to explode. Taking off and landing felt like a dagger going through my body.

7dheartFinally, I make it to the hospital.  I’m now laying in hospital bed unable to move and have a flight to Vancouver in less than 36 hours. After a bunch of tests, they had told me that the intercostal muscles in my chest and around my heart had a massive spasm – which apparently feels exactly like a heart attack if not worse.

They loaded me up with all sorts of  pain medication and stuck a few needles in me.  I was limited to little movement for the next few days. After all the medication, everything became pretty fuzzy.  I barely remembered the show… it was like I was never there.

This would call for re-do…. and Attempt #2.

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