Attempt #3

After Attempt #2, I was feeling pretty pathetic for a long time. I tried to tell myself that everyone makes mistakes and everyone faces times in their life when they execute poor judgement.  I told myself that one day, I would get the weight off my shoulders and make it right. It was one concert, but music was the most important thing in my life – and I felt terrible.

cmw2010A year later, I found myself working in Toronto for a European music company. I was hired as a media interviewer and my task was to hold on-camera interviews with keynote speakers, delegates and performers at Canadian Music Week. It’s been one of my more interesting roles at CMW, as you never know who you are going to run into in the halls of the Royal York. Jack Nicholson circa The Shining, perhaps.

From Toronto I was to fly to Austin, Texas to cover South By Southwest (SXSW) a week later.

What a coincidence! Sevendust happened to be playing in San Antonio, less than a two hour drive away. I was able to fit it into my schedule and the plan was to book a rental car and drive down for the concert.

Upon leaving Toronto, I started to feel a little under weather. SXSW wasn’t for a few days, so we decided to spend a few days exploring New York and meeting up with a few industry friends.

En-route to New York, we had to stop in Washington, DC. Our connecting flight was cancelled and we got placed on standby to Laguardia rather than JFK. The next flight we could get on was a short 16 hours later. We went to go find our luggage. I was starting to feel really sick and I needed something warmer… however, the airline placed our bags on another flight. Super great!!!!

Later, rather than sooner, I arrived in New York without luggage for four days. No clothes, no make up, nothing. By this point the white shirt I left Toronto with was stained and I looked like I had been dumpster diving.

But, it was okay! I was going to see Sevendust a few days later in sunny, warm, Texas!

A few days later I arrived in Texas. I was too sick to make the drive to San Antonio, which meant cancelling our car rental.

texasI was, however, able to walk down the street on the last day to this infamous sign, which I am sure is almost as legendary as a Sevendust show…

When I arrived back in Canada, again, I found myself in the hospital. This time with Mono.

I was sick for the following four months.

Needless to say, it was another failed attempt.

But…. there’s more… Attempt #4!